Geoanalysis supports you in the data acquisition and performs data analysis to provide you useful information so you can take better decisions. We have experience from a wide variety of techniques and acquisition platforms. These include, i.e., optical photographs, synthtetic aperture radar (SAR) and laser scanning (LiDAR), which can be acquired from airplanes, helicopters and satellites, as well as from the ground (terrestrial) or from unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs). Often, only acronyms are used, for example: airborne laser scanning (ALS), synthetic aperture radar (SAR), or terrestrial laser scanning (TLS).

Examples on Services:

  • Forest monitoring
  • Objective valuation indices based on remote sensing data
  • Analysis after storm hazards
  • Classification of land and forest types
  • Risk analysis of trees along power lines, railroads and telephone wires
  • Subsidence detection using differential SAR interferometry
  • Tools for detection of thinning needs
  • Change-detection analysis
  • Estimation of forest variables, e.g., tree volume, basal area, tree species
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) processing and interferometric SAR (InSAR)